Framed Art Print of a Surfer Girl


 Framed Surfer Art Giclee Print- Waiting for the Next Wave.

Print Size- excluding mat board and frame dimension 16.4 x 12

 Matting adds approximately 2.5"/6.4 cm on each side, while the framing will vary depending on the style you prefer:

Two Frame Styles

The flat frame adds 30mm to each side with a depth of 20mm.

Frame Style Flat Frame Frame (30mm wide x 20mm deep)

Frame Colors

Black, white, natural, mocha

Mat Color Off White


Wow, exhibition-quality prints and framing, a worthy decor centerpiece for years to come Your choice of custom box or flat frame styles Choose from four high-quality timber finishes to suit your decor Premium acrylic pane is clearer and lighter than glass.

Dimensions listed indicate printed image size, excluding mat board and frame dimensions.

Shipped in protective packaging to prevent breakage.


Artwork Waiting for the Next Wave by Artist Ane Designed by AneHoward Waiting for the next wave", oil painting on canvas, painted in Santa Cruz, California. Woman surfing is looking over her shoulder as she anticipates the next big wave approaching. Beach art. Surfer art.


California-resident and Montreal-born artist Ane Howard, an abstract figurative mixed media artist, tells an emotional and imaged story in the portraits and landscapes she paints. Using deconstructed form born out of the expressionist movement, bold paintbrush, and contrasting hues of colors, she imbues each brushstroke with meaning to evoke moods and ideas. Following a lifelong exploration of different art forms, Ane is dedicated to full-time painting. Speaking about her passion for oil painting, she said, "Nothing has ever fulfilled my need for self-expression the way painting does."

Ane's vivid oil paintings have been shown at various Art Galleries in California, such as the well-known Five 3 Gallery, Claudia Chapline Contemporary Art Gallery, Teri Lang Studio, and the Marin Society Artists, and Art Works Downtown. Her artwork has also been exhibited in the London Tube and Berlin Metro as part of Public Art. Her work is owned by collectors in North America and Europe.

Ane has an upcoming show at the International Art Museum of America in San Francisco. The exhibition is scheduled for July 2021.

Ane is represented by Five 3 Gallery in Laguna, California.



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