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Art Review: Ane Howard Abstract Figurative Oil Painter

Ane Howard, an abstract figurative painter based in California is my artistic discovery of the year.
17 mayo 2021 — Ane Howard
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A How-to-Guide to Commissioning Art

What is an art commission? Commissioning art is the process of hiring an artist to create an artwork, based on the client's request. It's as old as art itself and I'll gladly accept yours. Yes, you can become an art collector too!
11 mayo 2021 — Ane Howard
5 Things Every New Collector Needs to Know

5 Things Every New Collector Needs to Know

Art collecting can be called an art onto itself, and I should say there is no right way to buy art! Art is a personal thing and you should always buy what you fall in love with or what excites you. 
06 abril 2021 — Ane Howard